Community Engagement Plan

FHI will conduct a POCD update process that includes authentic participation.  We will do this by engaging a diverse group of stakeholders at all stages of the planning process.  FHI will take directed efforts towards engaging disadvantaged communities throughout the planning process.  We will provide a variety of communication channels and understandable, multilingual information to the community. 

FHI will work with the Outreach Advisory Sub-Committee in to develop a contact list of project stakeholders and interested members of the public. The contact list will also form the basis for distributing project information, including meeting invitations, updates, and project announcements.   

Special emphasis will be geared towards engaging the full diversity of residents and neighborhoods within the City.  Outreach strategies will focus on engaging residents within their neighborhoods and at community events and gathering locations such as libraries, religious institutions, festivals, and schools.  This focus on broadening the diversity of public engagement can be directly applied to the Plan’s outreach efforts and will provide opportunities to reach residents throughout the City.  As appropriate, material produced for engagement activities will be bi-lingual and FHI staff will be fluent in Spanish for community events. 

Achieving broad participation will be challenging. Therefore the outreach strategy will need to be innovative to capture the widest representation of City’s population, and flexible to account for changing project needs.  We have found that using an array of conventional communication techniques, as well as online/virtual and social media applications, offer the broadest level of outreach possible and has been highly successful on our prior projects.  

Key outreach tools, techniques and applications that could be included in the outreach plan include: 




Provide project information in a variety of formats – produced in other languages; useful infographics

Informational video developed for the Stamford Bus and Shuttle Study