Task 1: Project Coordination 

The project coordination task will include the following elements: 

Monthly Project Meetings

FHI will conduct monthly project meetings.  These meetings will be working sessions intended for the development of guiding principles, review of project deliverables, the collection and sharing of project information, and the coordination of community engagement efforts.  The Steering Committee will provide guidance to the planning Team, review Plan deliverables, share existing data, and exchange ideas on action strategies.  The meetings will utilize an interactive format that encourages discussion and comments and will provide a work-group setting in which the technical team can learn about relevant local issues and concerns; discuss specific alternatives and establish appropriate methods and approaches to advancing study recommendations. 

The Steering Committee will meet up to six (6) times with the following main objectives: 

  • Conduct project kick-off meeting, discuss data needs, public outreach plan and schedule  

  • Present existing conditions findings and conduct a working session to develop and refine guiding principles and further identify issues and opportunities 

  • Discuss findings from community engagement efforts and consider refinements/alternations to engagement plan 

  • Conduct topic discussions based on existing conditions findings and community engagement issue items 

  • Conduct an action and strategies discussion  

  • Present final draft plan  

Monthly Online Meetings/Conference Calls

FHI will conduct monthly online meetings/conference calls between project meeting as a means of advancing the project in accordance with the project schedule. 

Monthly Progress Reports

FHI will submit monthly progress reports with project invoices

File Sharing

FHI will provide and maintain a file sharing platform (Dropbox or Sharepoint) for use by the project team and steering committee.