Task 4: Existing Conditions Trends and Findings

The FHI Team will provide an analysis of existing conditions trends and findings so as to inform recommended plan strategies and actions.  Information will be provided in narrative, tabular, graphic, and map formats.  FHI will focus on the following topic areas and seek to answer the following questions:  

Demographic Trends 

  • What are the population trends in Bridgeport and how is the population changing?   

  • How do demographic trends in Bridgeport compare to the other communities in the region and state? 


  • What is the supply and affordability of housing in Bridgeport?   

  • Are new housing units being created at sufficient pace to accommodate Bridgeport residents?   

  • How does housing affordability and ownership rates compare to other cities in the state and region? 

Land Use and Zoning 

  • How are uses distributed through the City and is the City’s zoning supportive of desirable land uses?  

  • Have there been significant shifts in the use of land in the City over the last ten years? 

Conservation, Open Space & Recreation 

  • Where are the key open space and recreation assets?   

  • How have these facilities been maintained and improved since completion of the Parks Masterplan?   

  • Are there deficits in the open space system?   

  • What areas are currently in, or targeted for, conservation?

Resiliency and Green Infrastructure 

  • What is the status of the City’s efforts to build a more resilient shoreline?   

  • What areas are most vulnerable to storm surge and sea level rise?   

  • Has the City been successful in integrating green infrastructure into projects?   

Economic Development 

  • What have been the drivers of economic development in the City and region?   

  • Are there areas of the City that have been successful in generating economic development? 

  • What areas are in need of local economic development? 

Cultural and Historic Resources 

  • What are Bridgeport’s cultural and historic resources and where are they located? 

  • Has Bridgeport been successful in protecting these resources? 

  • What programs or policies are in place to protect historic and cultural resources? 


  • What type of facilities comprise Bridgeport’s transportation infrastructure? 

  • What is the condition of these facilities and where are enhancements planned or needed? 

  • What are the transportation services available within Bridgeport and are there deficits in these services? 

  • Are there areas of Bridgeport underserved by transportation infrastructure or services?

Infrastructure and Utilities 

  • What utilities are available to property owners and residents in Bridgeport? 

  • Are there areas that are underserved by utility infrastructure? 

  • What is the extent and condition of City-owned infrastructure in the City? 

  • Is the City’s infrastructure sufficient to support economic development and population growth? 

  • What efforts have been or are underway to maintain and expand infrastructure?